A Little Bit of Fiction?

(TL:DR version: Use the form below to help me decide what serial fiction I’m going to give away to my readers. You can sign up to be a reader too! Thanks!)

Halloween is quickly approaching, and after that, the authors most hated or beloved season (depending on who you ask and when) Nanowrimo! Love it or hate it, it is here to saturate the indie pub market… Er. Encourage writers to write. (Down with capitalism, up with creative work of you ask me!)

With that in mind, I’ve been slowly upping my fiction production for the last few months. I’ve discovered two things:

  1. I can write a lot more on a month than I thought I could.
  2. I have more ideas not less with a pretty steady weekly schedule. (Not daily, more on that some other time.)

Anyway, I have some ideas I’m not sure I can bring to market in the near future, so to speak, but I want to write for my own pleasure. Which is where you all come in…

I want to write a tiny serial in short form for you! I’ll keep it free as I go, any maybe polish and publish it when it’s done. Maybe. I’ll get it out to my readers through my letters. So, this is a fresh story just for people who sign up to get my bi monthly or so email letter list. (You’d get other stuff too by signing up, but, yanno, free fiction is good.)

BUT I need to decide what to write. Why not vote below? Sign up for the list maybe? Thanks! Let’s see what people decide!

Don’t forget, you can keep up with me on Facebook, Goodreads, and now Bookbub!


Or you can join my reader’s letter, as is mentioned above! 😀


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