DMLPBRE: Mur Lafferty

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Dead Machines Live People Book Release Extravaganza Presents:

Mur Lafferty – Author!

I’ve been a fan of Mur and her podcasting for, well, years and years now, when my friend J.R. starting talking about Mur on social media. As an author, they don’t come much harder-working than Mur and I think that shows in the quality of her work and its attention to detail. If you’re not listening to Ditch Diggers and I Should Be Writing, I don’t even know what to tell you. Because you should be.

1. You got your fiction off the ground doing some great podcasting work, releasing your story in audio to get it out there and even landed a book deal that way, if I’m not mistaken. Would you recommend doing similar, especially if an author is comfortable staying indie? Is there still an audience for serialized fiction? 

This is a hard question for me. While I’m still doing a lot of podcasting, I am not as plugged into the community as I was several years ago, so I don’t know how other podcasts are doing. I do think more people than ever are podcasting their stuff, and so it might be harder to get noticed as it was when I was doing it 10 years ago.

Then again, most people than ever are also *listening* to podcasts and audiobooks, so it might be a good thing. I’m honestly not sure!

2. Ditch Diggers is probably my favorite podcast for writers, even though your focus is very much on trad publishing I still feel as though I get something out of every episode, so thank you for that. I also imagine it takes a ton of work to get those hour and a half episodes out there. How many hours do you put in to edit and publish each episode in addition to recording it? 

It depends on how much we mess up! I am looking at a big editing job in front of me that will probably take an hour, then 30 min to compress it and do all the fiddly things (ID3 tags, connect art, upload, make a blog post, etc) – then I email it to Matt and he listens to it, marks any mistakes I missed, and makes detailed show notes. I then edit again (if necessary) and then post it with his notes. So probably 2 hours, not counting the time it leaves me and is in Matt’s hands.

3. I Should Be Writing is also fantastic, from a craft perspective, and very very ‘feel good’ without being condescending. So also, thank you for that. There’s also a lot there because you’ve been at it a while (of course) where would you suggest a new listener get started? New stuff and work backward, old stuff and work forward? Any particular episode at random? 
I’m actually doing a back to basics set right now, so listeners can check out the most recent shows (Sept and Oct 2017) to get a sense of what the show’s about and receive some beginning writing advice.

4. I know you all at Ditch Diggers were recently nominated for a Hugo. (HOLY WOW!) And well worth the nomination. Amazing. Skipping the in-between stuff, is George R.R. Martin cool? Like, you partied with him, is he nice?
I finally had a reason to talk to him! I was at his party (he hosts the Hugo losers party) and told him I’d lost my first Hugo and I wantedaHugo loser’s ribbon. He invited me to sit down with him and we chatted a bit about losing awards (He pointed out he’d lost 17, and I had to remind him we all have to start somewhere). I can’t remember what else we talked about, but I didn’t want to bogart his time so I got a picture of him with Matt (my co-host’s) loser ribbon and moved on. He was very nice.

5. In all of fiction, media, and ever the real world, who or what is your favorite robot?
Marvin, partly because I love Douglas Adams, but also because it reminds us what might happen were we to give robots true AI and emotions.
You can find Mur’s work at the Murverse website, a great central hub!
She’s on twitter, but wisely spends less time on it than I do! But really, scroll up and subscribe to her podcasts, buy her books, it’ll make you a better writer.
Obligatory self promotion!
Dead Machines is available now at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and many places fine ebooks are sold. You can get it in print from Amazon as well.
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