Free Fiction: Until She Wakes


Later this month I’m releasing a novel. It’s a woman’s story with giant robots ghosts and a strong anti-war theme. I’ve posted some teasers and of course you can take a look at the first two chapters if you want a sample of its quality.

If that’s not enough to convince you, fine, how about a free short story showing Io Suta, the main character of Dead Machines as she was while the war was still going on.

Until She Wakes CoverDuring the Last War, conflict often came down to mobile suit combat. Mobile suits, giant war machines and their pilots decided who won and who lost.

Before the events of Dead Machines, Io Suta was a hot-shot mobile suit pilot without a suit–she’d destroyed her last one saving a colony.

While unofficially grounded for losing her giant war machine, Io stumbles across a secret experimental vanguard suit with a dark history. No one can tame it, and no one knows why it kills its pilots. Can Io figure it out before the mech claims another life? Can Io save the strange and beautiful machine from total deconstruction at the hands of engineers who don’t understand it?

No one can be sure Until She Wakes.

In to it? I hope so.

You can grab a copy in PDF, Kindle or Ebook at instafreebie.

(Which is a kinda cool way to get free books and stories.) If you hit the little box, I can email you once or twice a month to let you know what’s up with my writing and offer you more free stuff when I’ve got it to give. No pressure though! Just get the free story’s fine too! And let your friends know, yeah? Especially if you like it!


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