DMLPBRE Interview: Megan Mackie

Don’t sell out when you can get Lucky…

Dead Machines Live People Book Release Extravaganza presents:

Megan Mackie – Author!

Rune Leveau, a young woman with a magical Talent for Finding things, is trying to keep her bar, The Lucky Devil, from being foreclosed. To save her bar, Rune decides to do some Finding gigs to earn extra money. Then a cyber-augmented corporate spy comes to ask her help with finding a wanted runaway criminal named Anna Masterson. The problem is Rune is Anna Masterson and he’s not taking no for an answer.

1. The Finder of the Lucky Devil looks about two parts real* cyberpunk and one part magic. *by my definition anyway. How do you define cyberpunk?

I define cyberpunk as a dystopian world divorced from nature, replacing that world with corporations and with technology. Since human beings come from nature it is also about the destroying of humanity and humanities struggle to survive that destruction.

2. Tell me about the role of magic in your world building? How does it interact with the messages or themes you’re drawing out of the genre?

Magic is natural and inherent and technology in this world is trying to recreate what magic can do, since only relatively small number of people can use magic and so those people used to control things. Now the corporations are trying wrest all control away from the formerly magic institutions that ran the world. It’s paralleled with Rune’s struggle to come back to her real self and real abilities. She had her humanity and identity ripped from her and violated by the corporations and it’s through magic and nature she finds herself. St. Benedict is making a parallel journey in that he chose technology and he is losing his humanity because of magic. To be honest I’m still unpacking it in my head as I write the sequels. Really I’m more interested in hearing other people’s thoughts on it as they reflect back what I’ve written.

3. Okay, now tell me about the Princess Peach Conspiracy? (Because wow the production value is great! I’m enjoying it!)

Thank you! PPC was built of a theory I’ve been nursing since High School that the Peach wasn’t kidnapped that she was always going willingly. I wrote the play to justify that theory and after it got produced, I wanted to keep going so I turned it into a podcast. I try to write in between the games, since Super Mario bros is notorious for having a lack of continuity.

4. It looks like you get out to a lot of cons! (Exhausting!!) If you could give a writer one piece of advice on doing cons as a fiction writer, what would it be?

Offer something at your table for free and has no obligation attached. I always have a bowl of candy at my table and when people initially walk by I ask if they want a piece of candy. Often that brings them over and sometimes they take the candy and go, but sometimes they stop and look at my artwork and if they linger, I then ask them if they would like to hear about my book. Most of the time they say yes, all of it no pressure. Then I give them the elevator pitch. Cons are inherently about wanting something from the customers and I always hate it when I walk by and the artists look at me with almost pleading eyes for me to buy something, I try to keep my table as plead free, make it a safe place for people to just come and hang out and take a break from the pressure. Often they buy a book, but if they don’t it’s also fine, because I want customers who are going to read my book, not just buy it and ignore it.

5. In all of fiction, media, or even real life, who or what is you favorite robot?

Wall-E, no contest.

You can find Megan on Facebook!



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