DMLPBRE Interview: Ariele Sieling

Open the door… see where it goes…

Dead Machines Live People Book Release Party Presents:

Ariele Sieling – Author!1-2

1. On your blog, you talk about finishing your latest book, the Polylocus Problem and mention all the things you’ve learned as a writer so far. What would you say is the number one mistake you’d tell yourself if you could travel back in time before you did it?

Ariele: I would tell myself to slow down, and also to read more before I did it. I have put together a pile of books on writing that I have been working through, and I wish I had read them (or at least some of them) before I started working on the Polylocus Door. I think it would have made both the writing and editing process easier. That said, I have read a bunch of them now, so the next book should be a lot easier (or different at least)!

2. So uh…. I’m not a math wizard by any stretch of the imagination. What’s polylocus?

Ariele: Polylocus is a word I made up, haha. It’s built out of the Latin for “many” and “places.” In the context of my book, it refers to a Door that can take you to many places instead of one (monolocus).

3. What is your favorite Terry Pratchett book?

Ariele: Ugh, how to choose?! I love the Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic (his first two) but I’m also a huge fan of Going Postal and Monstrous Regiment.

4. So… ducks?

Ariele: Haha, yeah, my parents have had ducks for the last few years, and I think they are awesome. I like to catch them (which they don’t like) and talk to them in duck language.

5. (Here’s the tie in…..) In fiction or media or history, what or who is your favorite robot?

Ariele: Do Androids count? Because Data, of course (Star Trek). But I also love C3P0 (Star Wars), and K-9 from Doctor Who, Tik Tok from Wizard of Oz series—ooh and Marvin! From Hitchhiker’s Guide! He’s a keeper. Sorry, how many favorites am I allowed to have?  I suppose my ultimate favorite is my own robot in The Clock Winked (book 2 of The Sagittan Chronicles). His name is Simon and he is a robot monkey that helps take care of a book store.


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