The Dead Machines Live People Book Release Extravaganza MEGA POST!

What: A month long celebration of all of the creators I love (who said yes, anyway) with interviews, contests, and give aways!

Where and When: Here and my blog all month long!

Why: Dead Machines is a great book (take my word for it) but no one creates great stories in a vaccum. I want to 1)Share my bandwidth and showcase talent you might not know, and 2)Showcase the sorts of creative talents that really charge my batteries!

I’ll update this post frequently with links to interviews/etc that are a part of the Extravaganza!

September 1st: Ariele Seiling – Author
Contest: Data Laughing


September 2nd: Permission to Fail. I’m probably going to mess up, because I’m human. And that’s okay.


September 4th: Benjanun Sriduangkaew – Author
Contest: Big Fluffy Dogs!


September 5th: Megan Mackie – Author
Contest: Cyberpunked!





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